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some DW progress – Lachezar?

понеделник, 14 септември, 2009г.

Friday -Radomir – Alex ZvezdevYes, level 323 on OMV Join my team. cheers mates, help me out by just join my team, no need to play 🙂 през Drinking Wars -в петък изчисти

You punched and killed ‘Cynthia H. F., dealing 64 damage. Alex Zvezdev yes! No one can stop me, just can slow me down a bit

Alex has advanced to level 324 in Drinking Wars.

Alex Zvezdev has a record of 2585 kills, 5890 wins, and 144 bounty kills. Can you do better?
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Вие и Spike Coville харесвате това.

ox – pak li se pochwa s ownite??? – ох, пак ли се почва с овните?

понеделник, 7 септември, 2009г.

WOW! BP Welcome!- I added this game, Nitrous Racing.You’d definitely like it!

PUT some join links in notes, it helps a lot dude! 😀
Join as fr send me- then use THIS-> no need of invites 😀 Join мy team, level 320+ 🙂 Accept All join my team, send some more team mates as friends suggestion 😉 I will send as well… 🙂 I play motto,space, war and bp as well thanx 🙂 I am the mere there 😀 if I can help you in some way, just let me know- have FUN! need a bounty, ask me! all invites are mostly welcome, I am permanently out of-if you know how, join me! 🙂 here is the link for NO invites NEEDED – only friendship Georgi JOIN his circle.
Join my alliance. ENJOY!

Alex Zvezdev

coffee at omv viva and dw gaming by wi-fi, I did call Nadia в събота изчисти <- ox – pak li se pochwa s ownite??? – ох, пак ли се почва с овните?
Вечно, и ВИНАГИ с рогата напред???

Reminder: Open Coffee @ Tue Sep 1 7pm – 8pm (Alexandar Zvezdev)

вторник, 1 септември, 2009г.

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Date: 2009/8/31
Subject: Reminder: Open Coffee @ Tue Sep 1 7pm – 8pm (Alexandar Zvezdev)
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Alexandar Zvezdev, this is a reminder for

Open Coffee

Tue Sep 1 7pm – 8pm
(Timezone: Sofia)
Mediteranni (map)
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